A Beginner’s Guide to Poker


Poker is a card game in which players bet into a pot before seeing their cards. This betting round is known as the flop. During the betting, each player can raise or call. The player with the highest five-card hand wins. In the event of a tie, the higher-ranked high card breaks the tie.

A beginner should focus on learning the basic rules of poker and gaining a feel for how to play the game. A player should also study charts so they can understand what hands beat which. This includes understanding that a flush beats a straight, three of a kind beats two pair and ace-high beats any other hand.

Each player begins the game by purchasing a certain amount of chips, which are then used as betting units throughout the round. Each white chip is worth the minimum ante; each red chip is worth 10 or 20 whites, depending on the game; and each blue chip is worth five whites.

As soon as the betting interval begins, the player to the left of the dealer makes a bet by placing a bet amount into the pot. Then, each player can either call (put into the pot the same number of chips as the bet) or fold.

As a general rule, it is best to fold if you have a bad hand. Pocket kings, for example, are great in theory but an ace on the flop could spell doom for your game.

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